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SOL has the long term Viable of our business is parasitic upon stable management practices leading our interactions with our surround and communities. Our conceptualization to corporate responsibility and viable search to position.

SOL as a optimistic vision in the communities where we run; carry off environmental and ethnic risks both now and in the future to drive viable advantage.

SOL Continually work on to prevent liquor related problems and encouraged for responsible drinking. We followed basic principles and guidelines regarding responsible drinking.

Basic Principles

SOL Group attempt to contribute to a healthy and ethnic lifestyle by increasing consciousness of the attribute of alcoholic beverages, forbidding alcohol-related difficulty, and most significantly, pro motive the thought of responsible drinking..

1. Increase consciousness of physical, mental, and social trouble that can develop due to the intoxicant and addictive properties of alcoholic beverages to help prevent alcohol-related problems.

2. Make improved drinking environments respecting differences in physical differences and circumstances or differences in mental attitude towards drinking.

3. Drinking in grade (responsible drinking) contributes to physical and mental health, and songster development of human relationships. We proceed to advance the scientific study of alcohol while encourage a healthy and balanced cognition toward drinking.