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welcome to Silver Oak

Silver Oak(India) Limited was originally incorporated on 15th November 1984 under the Companies Act,1956 & under the name Silver Oak Benders and Bottlers Private Limited with a vision of providing superior quality liquor and other related products to the market at very effective rates. The name changed to Silver Oak(India) Limited on 4th March 1996 & company was registered at the Bombay Stock Exchange.

Every year we bottle more than 2.2 lac cases which are supplied across eight states of India. We are committed to efficient and sustainable production to highest quality standards.

We market in around 8 states of India and we work tirelessly to engage and delight existing and new customers constantly innovating with our products and how we market.

Innovation is critical to our continued growth. We are committed to finding breakthrough innovation and ideas to serve our customers .We continuously work on identifying new customer trends and work upon them for maximum growth

our main features

Silver Oak India Limited (SOL) company incorporated in 1984 having licence to manufacture liquor issued by the government and the units is cleared with all Government compliance.

SOL is having production capacity of more than 22 lac cases per year out. Company is producing varieties of regular and premium range of products like Whiskey, Vodka, Rum, Gin and Tango etc..

SOL e are passionate about our brands and we are courageous in pursuing their full potential. We care about our consumers needs and motivations and strive to build the strongest, most enduring brand and consumer relationships in the market.

SOL is committed to offer professional & intimate service to consumers so that they can not only buy authentic liquor but also enjoy meticulous, considerate and intimate services.